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On the 22nd of December 2010, the authorization to apply for the Erasmus University Charter was given inside the Lifelong Learning Program Call for Proposals (EAC/19/2010). Fortunately our Centre has been granted a Charter as well.  

Reference 260321-IC-1-2011-1-ES-ERASMUS-EUC-1 

STUDING AT THE CSDA (Higher Dance Conservatoire of Alicante)

The CSDA welcomes students from all over the world.

If you are a student enrolled in a European Conservatoire or University which forms part of the Erasmus+ Program, then you are eligible to be selected to study in our Centre during one semester or a full academic year exchange.

We offer First Cycle of (BA).

  • Professional teaching
  • Social, educational and dance of wellbeing
  • Creation and new media
  • Theory, body and stage

The development of each specialty and /or option will be carried out according to a specific style. The Dance Degree offered by our Conservatoire consists in Dance Pedagogy. It also includes different options, allowing students to specialize their professional skills that meet the needs of the current employment areas and profiles of the current, emerging, changing and future circumstances. Style is defined as a physical training technique whereby the learner chooses between the disciplines listed below:

  • Classical dance
  • Contemporary dance
  • Spanish dance
  • Flamenco
  • Social dance: ballroom dances, urban dances, others…

You can currently study the specialty of Dance Pedagogy within the Dance Degree. There is a new syllabus which is being progressively introduced.



We operate the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) which enables all exchange students to achieve the same graded credits they would get at their home institutions, under satisfactory completion of all requirements of the subject.



In order to apply, you should first contact the Erasmus coordinator at your Home Institution. S/he will tell you if your conservatory has a Bilateral or Inter-Institutional Agreement with ours. Though even if there was no partnership, you may still apply, and if your application is successful, we will then proceed to sign a new agreement with your institution.

Coordinators: Rosa Belén Ardid and María Brudán.

The contact with the Erasmus Department will be made by email:


For general information send us an email to:

When there is an agreement signed by both institutions, you shall send us the following:

- Application form

- Recommendation letter

- A video recording of your specialty (between 5 and 10 minutes)


The deadlines to apply:

April 15 (for the autumn semester)

November 15 (for the spring semester)



Event Dates
Welcome Day for Erasmus IN students September 17,  2018, at 11:00
Beginning 1st (Fall) Semester September 17,  2018
Christmas Holidays December 23,  2018 to  January 7, 2019
Beginning 2nd (Spring) Semester February 1, 2019
Easter Holidays April 18 to 29  2019
Non- working days

October 9, 2018 (“Day of the Valencian Automous Community)

October 12, 2018 (“Hispanity Day”)

November 1, 2018 (“All Saints Day”)

 December 6, 2018 (“Constitution’s Day”)

 May 1, 2019 (“Labor Day”)

June 20 to 24, 2019  (“Hogueras” of Saint John)

End of lessons May 31, 2019
Assessment period June 3 to 30, 2019



There are many advantages of studying Dance in Alicante. As the administrative capital of the Costa Blanca, Alicante is a medium-sized city that enjoys an exceptional Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and mild winters, and an average annual temperature of 17°C.

Alicante has got an international airport, just 12 km from downtown, offering outstanding communication links with the rest of Europe, with around 60 direct flights a day to other European cities.

It also has a strong university tradition, and every year welcomes more and more foreign students to the city. There is a large number of professional schools that teach Spanish as a foreign language, offering students a range of different services.

But Alicante is also famous for its beaches and sites, its celebrations, monuments and museums, reflecting over 1000 years of history, its local cuisine, its variety of leisure and entertainment options both during the day and at night time, its services and its appeal as a great city for shopping.

You can check the information related to our city on the web page below:

AlicanteTourist Information Offices

El tardeo Alicante, a new form of leisure combining good food, conversation, friendship and nightlife during daylight hours.

Thanks to the quality of our Universities and the nice weather we receive many Erasmus Students.

There are some very enchanting villages around Alicante, like: Altea, Morarira, Vilajoiosa, Guadalest. Denia…

Small bays and Coves around the Province…


A gourmand street in Altea…

Snorkel in Denia and on the Island of Tabarca…

.Windsurf and other nautical activities…




The main language used at CSDA is Spanish. All theoretical subjects are imparted in Spanish , nevertheless some of the teachers speak English, German, French or Italian.


Language Centres:


Centro Superior de Idiomas  Universidad de Alicante 
Edificio Torre de Control 
Tlf: (+34) 965 90 37 93

Colegio Internacional Alicante 
C/ Pintor Aparicio, 18 C, 1ºA. 
Tlf: 965 92 90 10 

Proyecto Español 
C/ García Morato, 41. 
Tlf: 965 23 06 55

Estudios Sampere

C/ Pascual Pérez, 3, 1º. 
Tlf: 965 14 33 84

En forres

Explanada de España, 15 
Tlf: 965 14 38 76

Escuela Oficial de Idiomas 
C/ Marqués de Molins, 56 
Tlf: 965 14 41 43 / 965 14 36 12


Plaza Hermanos Pascual, Nº3, entlo. 
Tlf: 965 20 07 57

Zador Spanish school Alicante Avda. Constitución 14, 1º 
Tel./Fax: (+34) 965 142371

CEA Global Education 
Avenida Rambla 44, 10º B 
03002 Alicante 
Teléfono: +34 965 14 34 86


Escuela de español Juan Sebastian Elcano 
C/ Bazán 20, 1º, puerta 25 
03001 Alicante 
Teléfono: +34 691 83 75 02

ISC International Spanish Courses

Tel +34 966 44 99 04

Fax +34 966 53 62 84




The building, which is shared with the Higher Music Conservatoire, is located on the top of the San Fernando Hill. It is accesible by bus, on foot or by car.

Our address is:

Avda. del Catedrático Jaume Mas i Porcell s/n, 03005, Alicante, España.



Once you have been accepted as an Erasmus exchange student at the CSDA, you will need to obtain the European Health Insurance Card in your country. It’s a free card that will give you access to medical public services during your temporal stay, under the same conditions and at the same cost as citizens insured in your own country.



You can check the information related to accommodation and language centers on the web pages listed below



Public bus:  line 39





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