On November 16, important information has been published on the Preparation Course for the entrance exams to Higher Artistic Education for the academic year 2023 - 2024.

Information can be found on our website at the following link as well as on the ISEACV website

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The CSDA launches a YouTube channel.
In this channel we are going to show you our academic samples, as well as the performances/activities in which we participate.
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From November 15 to December 12 , both included, the period for submitting Erasmus+ applications opens
for students in the Mobility modality for learning reasons for the next academic year 2023-2024.
You can find more information in the following link

This academic year 2022/2023 we expand our academic offer in the style of social dance. see link
Oriented towards socio-educational training , which opens new doors for the professional development of dance graduates in emerging and inclusive work environments. To amplify information

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For any questions or concerns, the following emails from the center are enabled as a means of communication: and  

Any administrative procedure will be carried out through said emails.

You decide the discipline you want to learn

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At the Alicante Conservatory of Dance you will find everything you need to study Higher Dance Studies at the highest level, which will allow you to develop your dance activity in any of the professional fields.

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The CSDA currently has 27 professors . A very important aspect is the quality of the teachers that make up the faculty, more than 90% of them have a double degree , to which must be added the diversity of university degrees that make up the training of this group.

Throughout these years, a clear teacher-researcher profile has been developed that augurs new perspectives in the European Higher Education Area.

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We inform you of all the current news in the world of Dance, in addition to all those events and activities related to the CSDA that we are carrying out or we plan to carry out in the near future

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Alumni Experiences

The Higher Degree in Dance was, without a doubt, a way to get a run and breath again, returning to the conservatory was a springboard to continue growing.

Mar Mira and Gema Gómez
Mar Mira i Gema Gómez Teachers and Directors of the CLAU DE SOL Dance School

Professionally, the Higher Degree in Dance has given me the opportunity to work on what I like and am passionate about.

Laura Martinez Abarca
Laura Martínez Abarca Teacher and Director of the L-Danse Dance School

In my professional life, having a Higher Degree in Dance has been essential to be able to work in centers where I have felt fulfilled as a professional because I have put my knowledge into practice.

Maria Oleza
Mª Jesús Ruiz Teacher at the Municipal School of Music and Dance of Inca (Mallorca)

Professionally, having the Higher Degree in Dance , beyond having granted me the possibility of access to the teaching staff of the Conservatory of Mallorca and, therefore, achieving my professional expectations and academic concerns, has been the basis on which I recognize my daily work and for supposed to identify myself professionally.

Beatriz Lora
Beatriz Lora Hernández Teacher at the Conservatori Professional de Música i Dansa de Mallorca

Apart from obtaining knowledge and tools to develop my career as a teacher and dancer, obtaining the Higher Degree in Dance has given me confidence in myself as a dancer

Dew Sempere
Rocío Sempere Marín Flamenco dancer and teacher
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