Internal Quality Assurance System


The Superior Dance Conservatory of Alicante is developing the Internal Quality Guarantee System which, under the supervision of the Centre's Management, the Board of Directors and the Quality Committee, will collect, prepare and review the indicators, process and analysis of results of the Evaluation of the Educational System, with the following points as the purpose of the evaluation:

- Contribute to improving the quality and equity of education.

- Guide educational policies.

- Increase the transparency and efficiency of the educational system.

- Provide information on the degree of compliance with the improvement objectives established by the educational administrations.

- Provide information on the degree of achievement of Spanish and European educational objectives, as well as compliance with the educational commitments made in relation to the demand of Spanish society and the goals set in the context of the European Union.

This evaluation process described has as its scope:

"The evaluation will be extended to all educational areas regulated by law, and will be applied to the learning processes and results of the students, the activity of the teaching staff, the educational processes, the management function, the operation of educational centers, the inspection and the educational Administrations themselves" ( LAW 02/2006 of May 2, artº 141 ).