Registration / SQR

Registration instructions at the CSDA





  1. New students : from the access tests of the 2020-2021 call, you must enroll through the following link on the ARTIC platform as of July 20, 2021. Enrollment for the first full year is 60 ECTS credits.



- From July 20 to 25, 2021 , for students who have taken the test in July.

- From September 14 to 17, 2021 for students who have taken the test in September.


  1. Former students : you must enroll through the following link

DEADLINES : From July 6 to July 25 , 2021


  1. Partial enrollment students (new and old students):
  • Partial enrollment students, from 18 to 36 ECTS (new) must fill in the attached model number 11 and attach it to the documentation.
  • Partial enrollment students, from 18 to 36 ECTS (old) must complete the attached model number 11 and will enroll from the former student link.


Once the registration is completed, download the document "Registration Receipt" and send it to the Secretariat along with the rest of the documentation to this email:

During the first week of the course, all original documents will be delivered to the secretariat.



1. Registration application completed from the ARTIC application

2. Proof of payment of fees or proof of scholarship application

3. Scanned DNI.

4. Payment of the School Insurance rate and scanned SIP (health card).

NOTE: All students, scholarship holders or not, at the beginning of the school year, must pay in cash € 1.12 for school insurance (except when they have turned 28 or are working).

5. TIU form (University of Alicante student card) ( optional ). The form must be completed, signed by the students and must include a passport-size photo.

6. Document of transfer of image rights

7. Scanned passport photo (required for CSDA identity card).


* Registration will not be formalized until all the necessary documentation, listed above, has been provided.

* For the choice of the optional (3rd and 4th year), the preference will be determined by the average grade of the file (see document No. 1. Enrollment instructions).


Alt file 8
1.Enrollment instructions TO DOWNLOAD
2.Registration card
2.Registration card TO DOWNLOAD
Alt file 3
3. Incompatibility of subjects TO DOWNLOAD
Alt file 4
4. Tuition fee exemptions TO DOWNLOAD
Alt file 5
5. TIU student form TO DOWNLOAD
Alt file 10.
6. Request for a call for grace TO DOWNLOAD
Alt file 7
7. Low enrollment request TO DOWNLOAD
Alt file 8
8. Tax refund request TO DOWNLOAD
Alt file 9
9. 2018 education fees TO DOWNLOAD
10. SQR (Suggestions, Complaints and Claims) TO DOWNLOAD
Partial enrollment
11. Application for partial registration TO DOWNLOAD
Transfer of image rights
12. Assignment of image rights TO DOWNLOAD