Student research

Student research

CSDA Higher Graduates are developing their work in the most diverse fields since the CSDA supports a large percentage of employability. Our Higher Graduates are practicing teaching, pedagogy, and choreographic tasks in areas such as: Elementary, Professional and Higher Dance Centers; Universities and Masters; Public administration; General Regime Teachings, Private Dance Schools, Dance Companies and Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Cabinets among others.

Our students hold awards such as the First Prize for Dance Research, granted by the Academy of Performing Arts of Spain ; The Scholarships for the Promotion of Academic Excellence of the Students granted by Order 24/2017 of the Higher Institute of Artistic Education of the Valencian Community (ISEACV) .

The CSDA values among its objectives the promotion, empowerment and support of the artistic, choreographic, research and especially publication works of our graduates.


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