Alumni Experiences

Sometimes dreams come true

At CSDA we are proud of what we do and many of our students have managed to make their dreams come true by dedicating themselves professionally to what they like the most, what they are really passionate about. Some of them have been kind enough to tell us about their experience and experiences after passing through our center. The next can be you.

The Superior Dance Degree was, without a doubt, a way to get a run and breath again. We had been working and living from dance for years as dancers and teachers, but returning to the conservatory was a springboard to continue growing. It opened our minds and sincerely, we felt how we dignified and made sense of many things we believed in.

It was a meeting place with teachers and colleagues from the profession who contributed and helped us continue to evolve. We learned a lot by expanding information in areas where our training was very scarce, especially at the pedagogical level.

Mar Mira i Gema Gómez Teachers and Directors of the CLAU DE SOL Dance School
Mar Mira and Gema Gómez

Professionally, the Higher Degree in Dance has given me the opportunity to work on what I like and am passionate about. Open my own business, a private center specialized in Classical Dance that intends to offer quality teaching, guaranteeing learning appropriate to the age and level of the students.

Laura Martínez Abarca Teacher and Director of the L-Danse Dance School
Laura Martinez Abarca

In my professional life, having a Higher Degree in Dance has been essential to be able to work in centers where I have felt fulfilled as a professional because I have put my knowledge into practice, I have enjoyed training students who today are professionals and above all I can access a job market that interests me.

Mª Jesús Ruiz Teacher at the Municipal School of Music and Dance of Inca (Mallorca)
Maria Oleza

My degree in " Choreography and Techniques of Interpretation " allowed me to develop within the creative and artistic facet in the years that I was director of the Spanish Ballet Illes Balears and in my current role, as a teacher, the tools that I acquired and that are important I use today in the artistic training of students: study of repertoires, dances, choreographic analysis, performances, choreographic workshops, etc. bearing in mind that they develop their creative and artistic capacity as the objective of the Professional Teaching they study. In addition to the countless didactic materials that I still have on my closest shelf today and that there is not a day that I do not open a note, book, photocopy, which continues to serve me.

Beatriz Lora Hernández Teacher at the Conservatori Professional de Música i Dansa de Mallorca
Beatriz Lora

At a pedagogical level, obtaining the Higher Degree in dance has given me new forms of teaching intervention, new knowledge and instruments to implement in my day-to-day teaching. But above all, on an artistic and investigative level. During the years that my time at the conservatory lasted, I acquired different knowledge and techniques on how to carry out a show, thanks to the Spanish dance teachers Teresa Neira, Mª Ángeles Santamaría and Cristina Alberola, who were concerned about training us in this field further of the course curriculum, proposing performances and events where we can develop as dancers and not just as teachers.

Lighting, organization, rehearsals, dealing with the rest of the artists and musicians, starting a work from the idea to the stage, etc. These types of activities contributed a lot to me and today I still remember them when I face different projects that I carry out.

Rocío Sempere Marín Flamenco dancer and teacher
Dew Sempere