What can you research at the CSDA?

Are you interested in movement in its practical or interpretive facet? As a CSDA student you can investigate movement from the purest practical action and performative approaches . On the contrary, are you interested in providing scientific and theoretical information about movement and dance? You can carry out historical, socio-critical research, etc. from qualitative or descriptive methodologies. Do you want to investigate from a quantitative line? An anatomical, biomechanical, pathologies and improvement proposals? We have the best teachers to develop it.

Are you interested in pedagogy? Do you want to intervene, enter the field, do, improve? Do you want to carry out action research in education? You can investigate innovative pedagogical actions both in the dance classroom and in society, prevention projects, community projects, educational and professionalizing projects. Can you imagine? Educational-dance research that improves the educational reality of dance, of the classroom, of the environment, of society, of groups at risk of exclusion, research to integrate everyone, research that step by step will allow to place dance in a better situation socio-educational.

Are you interested in choreography? You could investigate choreographic methodologies and provide information that for now is scarce, perhaps even develop your own methodology. Are you interested in choreographic practice? It is an interesting and inexhaustible source of inspiration: research, composition, choreography, performance, Transdisciplinarity, what an interesting theme. Go ahead! Maybe you were thinking of going back a bit more. Aesthetics? Philosophy of dance? Dance theory? Dance epistemology?

You contribute the idea, we help you develop it and together we will achieve small / big changes. An investigation is always a good to humanity.