Description of the Higher Degree in Dance

The Higher Degree in Dance is divided into two specialties: Dance Pedagogy and Choreography and Interpretation . At the same time, it incorporates itineraries, which make it possible to specialize in professional competencies that allow adaptation to current, emerging, changing and future work environments and profiles and contexts. These training itineraries are:

  • Professionalizing teaching
  • Social, educational and wellness dance
  • Creation and new media
  • Theory, body and scene

General objectives of the Higher Degree in Dance

In light of the above, and considering the set of competencies defined for this degree, the following general objectives of the SUPERIOR TITLE OF DANCE of the Superior Conservatory of Dance of Alicante can be highlighted:

- Provide a professional training from an artistic, scientific-social and humanistic foundation that enables them to integrate into different work areas and assume a wide variety of professional profiles.

- Promote the necessary skills for a quality dance training appropriate to the new human, civic and inclusive demands that are emerging unstoppable in the art of dance, understood both within and outside the stage frontiers. Dance as a personal and social benefit.

Professional profiles

The profile of a graduate in dance corresponds to that of a qualified professional who masters the knowledge and skills of dance , with a deep knowledge of the functioning of the body in all its aspects, who must have theoretical knowledge based and integrated with practice of dance that allow them to develop professional skills as a creator, performer and teacher, in areas such as purely artistic, socio-educational and well-being, performing arts management and technology, capable of assuming the deontological dimension of artistic responsibility, aesthetic, personal and professional.