The Key Action 1 (KA1) in which the CSDA is located promotes learning mobility opportunities for students and staff of education and training organizations and institutions.

In the case of students, the objectives pursued are to improve school performance, increase employability and improve job prospects, as well as broaden their personal development and participation in society.

For staff, the objectives are to improve their skills, increase their capacity to bring about a modernization of the educational or training organization of which they are a part, and broaden their knowledge of other policies, practices and systems.

The actions supported by this action have positive and lasting effects on the participating organizations, on the political systems that frame them and on the people directly or indirectly involved in the organized activities.

The Strategic Associations that are part of this action aim to support the development, transfer or implementation of innovative practices at an organizational, local, regional, national or European level and the execution of joint initiatives to promote cooperation, learning between equals and the exchange of experiences on a European scale.


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