End of Grade Project

End of Title Project

We consider that all research must contribute, in essence, a good to humanity, in our universe of action, your research must contribute with new ideas, new scientific literature, new designs, new educational programs, etc. Small contributions that granite by granite, manage to generate changes and provoke a strong culture of research in dance.

Do you need advice to develop your dance research proposal?

At CSDA we establish fundamental actions that will help you in your investigation:

1. The first help that we offer you as a CSDA student is assistance in acquiring training and knowledge for the development of TFT, which we organize from a training block that takes you into educational and performative inquiry processes.

At CSDA we highly value the quality of the research of our graduates, for this reason, we understand that this training block will:

  • Provide you with materials that will be of great help to guide your questions and research objectives.
  • Provide you with a generic understanding of the possible methods that you can implement.
  • Help you select the most appropriate design for your research idea.
  • Provide you with an overview of the most appropriate research instruments for your design.
  • Get into the APA (American Psychological Association) format and citation protocol .

All this will allow you to easily address the requirements for the development of the TFT, that is, the ability to continue with the development process, accompanied by the guidance of the tutors.

2. In parallel to this process, an assigned tutor will guide you in the development of the project. This tutor will accompany you throughout the process, following the guidelines of the calendar developed by the CSDA Investigation Commission (Document 4-Annex I) that culminate with the defense of the TFT. Your tutor will ensure, among other multiple actions:

  • Orient yourself in the sources, authors, previous research that your research background implies.
  • Help you in the selection and structure of your theoretical framework.
  • Position yourself in the concretion of sequential steps that you will implement as a researcher.
  • Position yourself in what is already investigated and in the novel contribution that your research can generate.
  • Raise the necessary doubts about your conclusions.
  • Accompany you in your oral defense before a court.

The structure and intentions of the TFT are established in Document 2 and the development of the process is explained in the Teaching Guide (Document 1)

Some research portals


Teaching guide
1. Teaching guide End of degree work (TFT) TO DOWNLOAD
4. Criteria for selection and assignment of tutors (Annex II) TO DOWNLOAD

TFT's notification

We announce that the TFT development process has begun with the training block that is already being taught. Although you have already done it in other years, if you need more information or advice, do not hesitate to re-enter the sessions, we are here to help you and facilitate this path. However, we remind you that next October 16, 2019 is the deadline to deliver the TFT proposals in this course, for the immediate tutor assignment.