Higher Institute of Artistic Education of the Valencian Community

The Higher Institute of Artistic Education of the Valencian Community ( ISEACV ), created by Law 8/2007, of March 2 of the Generalitat, is an autonomous entity in charge of deploying and executing, in an autonomous regime, the set of competences that , on higher artistic education, correspond to the Administration of the Generalitat.


The ISEACV aims to provide quality training and academic excellence through research and new technologies, open to interaction and communication with other centers of artistic education both in the European Higher Education Area and the rest of the world.


Higher Art Education is organized in the specialties of Dramatic Art, Ceramics, Dance, Design and Music. Its purpose is to provide comprehensive training for professionals who develop artistic, technological, pedagogical and research skills applied to interpretation, creation and innovation. Successful completion of the studies leads to obtaining the Higher Degree of the specialty studied, equivalent for all purposes to the Degree Degree. In addition, higher graduates can access postgraduate studies.


The ISEACV promotes collaboration and the professional insertion of the student through internships in companies and cultural entities so that they acquire experience in the professional world and a job that suits their profile.


In order to access Higher Artistic Education, it is necessary to pass a specific test, the purpose of which is to assess the knowledge and aptitudes to take these studies.