Lines of investigation

Lines of investigation

What lines of research do we have at the CSDA? And above all, what lines of research emerge thanks to your research proposal?

PEDAGOGICAL-SOCIAL RESEARCH LINE: Functional diversity and dance; Dance and sectors at risk of social exclusion; Educational dance; Community dance; Dance and somatic techniques; Dance and rehabilitation; Dance for health and wellness; Playful dance; New educational-social dance; Urban dance; Sports dance.

LINE OF PEDAGOGICAL-PROFESSIONALIZING INVESTIGATION: Dance and dance technique in initiation; Dance and dance technique in medium level; Dance and dance technique at a higher level; Dance and dance schools; Dance and anatomy, biomechanics, pathologies; New educational-professional dance.

INTERPRETIVE AND CHOREOGRAPHIC RESEARCH LINE: Dance and repertoire; Dance and performance, creativity, emotion; Choreography and education; Choreography and community action; Choreography and functional diversity; Choreography and society; Choreography and history; Coreology; Choreutics; Choreography and professionalization.

SOCIAL INNOVATION RESEARCH LINE: Dance and social innovation; Dance and community action; Dance and professionalizing management; Dance and entrepreneurship; Dance and collaborative-social models.

Each research idea, your research idea reinforces, gives meaning and expands the CSDA research lines!