Dr. Leticia Ñeco CSDA teacher, research coordinator in Choreographic Stays

17 Jul 2021

Dr. Leticia Ñeco CSDA teacher, research coordinator in Choreographic Stays

The Campoamor Theater welcomes from today, and until next day 30, the appointment with the EC21 dance research and creation, directed by the Asturian Yoshua Cienfuegos, will present the teaching and choreographic mastery of Javier García Ávila, a true expert in Spanish dance.

Two weeks of creative and investigative challenge led by the prestigious Asturian choreographer, based in Madrid, Yoshua Cienfuegos, which this summer brings together a total of 31 participants in person and 21 researchers online. The event will feature the participation of six choreographers ranging from Mireia Ruiz, winner of this year's Choreographic Contest of the District of Tetuán (Madrid), to one of the most recognized figures and a true expert in the field of Spanish dance (and history) , Javier García Ávila . EC21 has planned two interrelated thematic units that will investigate two questions: what it is like and what energizes the interior space of the dancer when he dances, relating it to his sensitive itinerary. The sensory, cognitive and highly sensitive aspects to dive into the psychological process of the dancer come into play this edition.

The design of the scientific research is carried out by Leticia Ñeco Morote, professor of Dance Pedagogy at the Higher Conservatory of Dance of Alicante and doctor in Pedagogy from the Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences of Valencia, who, together with the team of investigation, will cover the meetings through the Discord digital platform, the same one that was used in the 2020 edition. Ñeco Morote is scheduled to visit Campoamor in the second phase of the program, to close the design and preparation of the draft of the The resulting research, which is scheduled to be published in 2022. The visual and musical arts will also be included.

For the first time this year, the Estancias include in their development a part of the Circula T program, which in the Principality is managed by the Asturias Association of Dance Professionals (APDA). On July 18, the technical class will be given by Denis Santacana and Víctor Fernández, from the Denis Santacana dance company, who the day before, Friday 17, from 8:00 p.m., will put the work on the stage of the Philharmonic Encuentros, a piece that tries to fuse flamenco and contemporary. The Oviedo designer Alfonso Pérez, from Costurero Ecléctico, will also parade for EC21.

Among the students and teachers of the CSDA they have:

Katherine Valera Reynaert (coord.)
Trinidad Martínez Santa.
Laura Martinez.
Vanesa Varo.
Norma Angélica Valenzuela.
Lucia Fernández Álvarez.
Samantha di Prospero.
Leticia Ñeco.
Ariadna Llussà.
Juan Carlos Calleja.
Andrea Clar.
Monica Merafina.
Raquel Ferrer.
Rosmari Vidal Ferrer.
Claudia Marques.
Paula Martínez Tolosa.
Paula Cuenca.
Luis Martinez.
Rachel Pina.
Esmeralda Valero.
Angel Juarez
Marina Pastor Galván.
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