Conference by the CSDA teacher Marisa Brugarolas

11 Jun 2021

Conference by the CSDA teacher Marisa Brugarolas

International Workshop "The representation of functional diversity: Dissenting bodies I" to be held at the Carlos III University of Madrid on Friday, June 11, 2021.

10.00 am. conference entitled “Body identity in flow. Pedagogy and creation in inclusive dance ”, by Marisa Brugarolas, which will be followed by the corresponding colloquium. The session will be led by Professor Alba Gómez García and will be accessible in Streaming at the following link given the capacity allowed to comply with all security measures:

The chosen medium will be the Blackboard Collaborate tool that will allow those virtual assistants not only to enjoy your intervention but also to participate in the subsequent discussion if they so wish.

Next, the show "The mirror" by Danza Mobile is scheduled to begin at 12.30 pm. that will be recorded and that we will make available to those interested shortly.