Investigación de docentes

Investigación docentes

En el CSDA contamos con docentes altamente cualificados y formados desde las más diversas fuentes, tan eclécticas como debe ser la formación que te dispones a recibir. Nuestros docentes integran competencias que provienen de la práctica artística y del academicismo universitario.

Un cuerpo docente competente y versátil: 2 Cátedras de Danza Clásica y Española, 5 Doctores; Doctorandos en Anatomía para la Danza, Pedagogos, Psicólogos, Psicopedagogos, Graduados en Historia del Arte, Asistentes de Dirección en importantes Compañías de Danza, Expertos en Diversidad Funcional y Danza, Expertos en Tecnologías de la Información, Compositores, Maestros Guitarristas, Pianistas y Cantaores. ¡Te esperamos!


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ELIA Academy 2021

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ELIA Academy 2021: Call for Contributions
***Deadline Approaching***
Do you have new ideas on how we can prepare students for the future? What can we do to ensure their success in a transdisciplinary world? How can we create fair opportunities and eliminate systemic discrimination in creative education?

ELIA Academy 2021
 – an explorative, thought-leadership bootcamp specifically designed for arts lecturers, educators, artistic researchers, technicians and students.
We need YOU to contribute to a highly relevant, participatory programme exploring transferable creative intelligence and focusing on the idea of:

Deadline: 15 January 2021
The ELIA Academy steering group and organising team are currently exploring a number of conference scenarios (both in Brussels and online) that respond to a very dynamic and changing environment. Our focus is on ensuring we offer a COVID-safe and inclusive experience for both presenters and participants.
Read the full Call for Contributions here
Pandemic and uncertainty; equality, diversity and anti-racism; transferable creative intelligence are the key components of ELIA Academy 2021.
<The Extended Art Student> is looking for curricula and pedagogy that embed shifting digital paradigms, altered skillsets, equality, innovative research initiatives, transdisciplinarity and horizontal collaboration with partners and associates that are traditionally not part of higher arts education.

Present your new teaching models. Showcase your research on a global platform. Make your mark on the future of higher arts education. Experiment with exciting new formats. Catch up with international colleagues and share your experiences. Enhance your skills and drive change in your arts institution with confidence. 
Submit your proposal here
Don't miss out! Submission deadline: 15 January 2021
The ELIA Academy 2021 is hosted by LUCA School of Arts and KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture.